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Say it ain’t Socarrat!

Say it ain’t Socarrat! The time is nigh and the day of reckoning for Chicago’s top culinary minds has come to Mercat once again. The 3rd annual paella cook off approaches and only one chef will win the honors of representing Spain’s renowned Paella better than all the rest!! If...

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When In Spain

  “When in Spain.” That has been our theme this year and with so much to explore, it will continue to guide our narrative.  Mercat’s menu defines Spanish cooking today. From “Best Of” lists to Iron Chef Accolades, Mercat has no shortage of culinary prowess. However, with great food, great...

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Baconfest Winners!

To be the best at something takes dedication, and the willingness to pick yourself up and try again.  For four years Mercat put its best hoof forward at Chicago’s renowned Baconfest, and while our bacon-fueled dishes were enjoyed by the masses, we were never able to ascend the stage when...

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Dia de la madre

Mercat a la Planxa, Chicago, IL Dia de la madre Moms are the greatest! Sorry dads, but Moms always have the right thing to say at the right time. Moms never forget our birthdays. Moms, traditionally, spend more time baking us sugary treats; and moms are often our source of...

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Chicago’s Premier Tapas Restaurant

On average, the lifespan of a restaurant is just five years. Whether due to economic factors or simply changing guest preferences, keeping a restaurant thriving can be a challenge.  However, Mercat a la Planxa has proudly been Chicago’s premier tapas restaurant for eight years - and we aren’t slowing down....

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Spanish Tapas: How to Rethink The Snack

Spanish Tapas: How to Rethink The Snack At Mercat we don’t know if our diners are luxuriating in our foie gras or jamon Iberico; or, if guests are enjoying the healthy and fresh flavors of the branzino in saffron broth and Chef’s iconic green salad. Tapas are a God-send for...

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Churros, Brunch, Chicago

Churros, Brunch, Chicago Churros are found everywhere, from state fairs and national home supply stores to local artisan bakeries and Spanish tapas restaurants. What’s up with the churro? Where did this delightful fried treat come from? As with many foods that we grow up with, the mythology behind churros is...

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Mercat a la Planxa, Chicago, IL THE ART OF BRUNCH The bar is high when two amazing meal periods collide. Breakfast: crispy bacon and 10” buttered pancakes. Lunch: Burgers, fries and everything savory. This brunch idea is the best innovation since Catalan cuisine! However, the one problem with brunch is...

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Farmer, Shepherd, Rancher: Finding our Local Soul

Farmer, Shepherd, Rancher: Finding our Local Soul Mainstays on menus reflect the soul of a chef. Recipes that have a perennial home on paper often have a perennial home in a chef’s heart. However, sentiments change, seasons change and cultural cravings change. After 8 years of bacon-wrapped dates and oxtail...

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  Sherry! A brief sherry education: Potentially, sherry has been produced since the 1st century when Phoenicians brought grape vines to Spain’s Jerez region. Thus, began the nation’s tumultuous adventure with sherry. While the original production of sherry was vastly different from the structured fortified wine styles we imbibe in...

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