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Kitchen Notes

KITCHEN NOTES   While a couple of blankets and a rocks glass with whiskey are keeping Chiberia at bay, the reality is, it’s nearly Spring, but the beloved season is far from sprung. This is problematic for a few reasons: 1.            Timeliness and functionality. Unending cold is redundant and tends...

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Last week I turned on the news and learned that winter is still here, forever (or as far as the 10-day forecast is concerned). Chiberia, as they call it, is sticking around much longer than anyone prefers. The problem is, I was already diving into Spring flavors: Spring onions; bright,...

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Holidaze Thanksgiving has passed. The turkey feast is over (unless you stashed some creative leftovers into your fridge), but what is on the December horizon? Ham, salt-crusted tenderloins, lamb and booze. In other words, the horizon looks awesome. The question is, when you hit the market, where do you begin...

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Thinking Beyond the Planxa

Thinking Beyond the Planxa Without sounding intentionally forward, we have to say that Mercat a la Planxa is winning (think Charlie Sheen) right now. Not only are we celebrating 7 years this fall, but we house the best food and service in town. This is a bold statement, the assertion...

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Locally-Sourced Heirloom Tomatoes Take Over Mercat!

Locally-Sourced Heirloom Tomatoes Take Over Mercat! Summertime to chefs means that tomatoes are in their season and the local markets will be in abundance of bright, flavorful and We can’t really explain how excited our chefs get when it’s the end of July and throughout the entire month of August...

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