Suckling Pig To Go For Thanksgiving | Chicago Tapas Restaurant

Suckling Pig To Go For Thanksgiving

Mercat a la Planxa, Chicago, Illinois

Mercat is encouraging guests to put a little Spanish flair in Thanksgiving celebrations this year and order our suckling pig to go!  Chefs will package up our famous “suckling pig” and all of the traditional sides so that it is easy to take home and serve to friends and family alike.  The prices remain the same as they are in the restaurant, with a half pig (feeds 6-8 people) at $220, and a full pig (feeds 8-12 people) at $440.  Both packages also include herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, rosemary white beans, espinacas a la catalana, and grilled green onions.  Pig orders should all be placed 72 hours in advance so the chefs can prepare it at its finest.  Happy Catalan Thanksgiving, everyone!