Dia de la madre | Chicago Tapas Restaurant
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Dia de la madre

Mercat a la Planxa, Chicago, IL

Dia de la madre

Moms are the greatest! Sorry dads, but Moms always have the right thing to say at the right time. Moms never forget our birthdays. Moms, traditionally, spend more time baking us sugary treats; and moms are often our source of stories for family history. After April showers, what better way to celebrate our madres than with May flowers?

The advent of dia de la madre in Spain is actually a 20th century medley of traditional catholic norms and the appropriation of America’s mid-spring festivities. Now, every May 1st, Spanish moms are showered with much-deserved appreciation.

At Mercat, it’s time to honor all of our moms (don’t forget about the moms of our 4-legged companions!). Whether you hail from Spain or any of the world’s unique locales, Mercat will be serving a brunch for queens. Chef is whipping up a specialty dessert and the bartenders are preparing complimentary sangria flights- all in the name of Madre!

Chef Jose Garces shares a story about his mother in this great piece from the Philly Voice – http://www.phillyvoice.com/local-celebrities-share-stories-about-mom/