4th Annual Paella Cook Off | Chicago Tapas Restaurant
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4th Annual Paella Cook Off

Chefs are prepping those paella pans! It’s that time of year again where local chefs and culinary crusaders will flex their competitive muscle for this paella smack down. Mercat a la Planxa is hosting the Fourth Annual Paella Cook Off on September 7th, 2017. The Most Valuable Paella (MVP) will be determined by an esteemed panel of judges, while attendees will be able to cast their vote for “The People’s Paella” winner. Paella is delicious, magnificent dish for bringing people together & celebrate all things Spanish! Many people view Paella as the national dish of Spain.

Maybe it’s that Spanish rice is the perfect shape & size for absorbing the cooking liquid. Maybe it’s the seafood off the coast of Spain & tasting the fresh sea salt in the dish. Maybe it’s the specialized shallow pan used for cooking the perfect paella. Maybe it’s the configuration of burners to create the perfect heat source that can accommodate that paella pan. Whatever it is that makes your Paella fantastic, now is the time to celebrate it as paella’s popularity is spreading past Spain’s borders right into the windy city!