For the Love of Sherry | Chicago Tapas Restaurant
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For the Love of Sherry

“May I order a glass of sherry?” is not something you hear too often at a restaurant, especially in the summer. This August we are trying to change that. Starting on August 6th, Mercat a la Planxa is offering a supplemental three course menu paired with sherry. The shareable sherry dinner will be offered seven days a week during dinner service. Menu highlights include paella, a tapas board and of course some amazing hard to find sherries!

So why Sherry? Sherry is a fortified wine originally from the southern part of Spain and is widely popular drink among Spaniards. Executive Chef Diego Amat recalls drinking sherry among friends and family at some of his favorite Barcelona restaurants. Sherry can sometimes be misunderstood, pinned as something just drunk in the winter and after dinner. Sherry month aims to change that misconception.  Make your reservation by calling 312-765-0524.