It Is (Spanish) Cider Season | Chicago Tapas Restaurant
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It Is (Spanish) Cider Season

Mercat a la Planxa, Chicago, IL (INSERT image1.jpg)

It Is (Spanish) Cider Season

As colder weather creeps in Chicagoans begin to break out their warmer jackets and embrace the new fall season. Here are Mercat a la Planxa we are welcoming fall with a Spanish cider class! The cider class is part of our quarterly cocktail class program — four times a year we open up Mercat’s Lower Lounge for an evening of beverage exploration. The class aims to enhance attendees’ knowledge on a specific a spirit, wine, or beer. We hope you’ll grab a friend and join us as we embrace one of our favorite beverages, ciders.


Guests can expect to learn about the history, overview and different usages of Spanish Ciders. The class commences at 5:30pm with welcome Cava and light bites from the kitchen. Around 6pm we will dive into the history and overview of various Spanish ciders. Tastings and samplings are definitely party of the curriculum. Cheers!