Looking Forward | Chicago Tapas Restaurant
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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

January is named after a God with a face looking backward and a face looking forward.  While there are fond memories from the prior year, at Mercat we’re much more excited about what’s to come next.

We’ve begun the process of updating our dinner menu with a plethora of new items and some exciting reinterpretations of old favorites.  If you dined with us over the holidays, you might have even tried one of our new croquetas, such as the ham and chicken or the new scallops a la llauna.

We’ll be springing a few more surprises in anticipation of our revised menu launch in the middle of this month.  Chef would hate it if I spill all the beans, but speaking of which, there will soon be a number of new vegetarian options.  And the paella options will double!  There will even be a redesign of the popular Tasting Menu to include some of these new highlights.

So long to last year, we’re bringing on a delicious 2019!

Written By: Kai Wilson, Beverage Baron, Mercat a la Planxa