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Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4-6:30pm

Bucking the Trend $12. A selection of Mules, Bucks and Highballs


Western SunSuntory Toki Whisky, Q Drinks Ginger Ale
Tom's Rented TuxRansom Old Tom Gin, Fino Sherry, London Essence Bitter Orange Elderflower Tonic
AranciataWhite Rum and Fever Tree Orange Spiced Ginger Ale
Dark & StormyZaya 12yr aged rum and Q Drinks Ginger Beer
Whiskey BuckWyoming Whiskey, Fever Tree Ginger Beer
PresbyterianBlended scotch, London Essence Ginger Ale, soda
Moscow MuleStoli Vodka, Fever Tree Ginger Beer
Cuba LibreClement Canne Bleu Rhum Agricole, Q Drinks Kola